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Villanueva de los Oscos (Asturias) boasts one of our country’s most beautiful valleys. Come and you can discover nature in its purest state along its hiking trails.

With some 100 inhabitants, the village of Villanueva de Oscos is characterized by its kind, humble folk, and where we can still find handcrafted baskets and wooden clogs.

And we can enjoy its unique cuisine: country honey, rum omelette, Filloas (crepes) and all cuts of pork.

You can visit the Monastery of Santa Maria, with a Romanesque style church.

The Oscos-Eo Region

Villanueva de Oscos

Lugares para visitar:

Ecomuseo del Pan

The Bread Ecomuseum

Here we can see the full cycle of bread, sowing, milling, kneading, baking

Monasterio de Santa María de Villanueva de Oscos

Monastery of Santa Maria Villanueva de Oscos

Founded in 1137 by King Alfonso VII

Casa Natal del Marques de Sargadelos

Birthplace of the Marquis of Sargadelos

The house where Antonio Raimundo Ibáñez, Marquis of Sargadelos (1749-1809), was born, currently an exhibition space dedicated his life and work.

La Casa del Marco Museo de la Casa Campesina

Casa del Marco

Peasant House Museum.

Museo Etnográfico de Grandas de Salime

The Grandas de Salime Ethnographic Museum

Covering an area of over 3,000 m2 it focuses on the traditional peasant way of life and trades developed in that environment.

Conjunto Etnográfico de Teixois

Taramundi Os Teixois Ethnographic Complex

In addition to its houses and auxiliary buildings it has an important set of hydraulic systems: hammer, mill, grinding wheel, small power station and a fulling mill.


Playa de las Catedrales

Beach of the Cathedrals

Considered by TripAdvisor to be among the top 10 beaches in the world and Nº1 in Spain.

Just 30km from La Quintana de Zarauza

Playa de Penarronda

Penarronda Beach

Extremely beautiful beach with over 600 meters to walk.

Just 20km from La Quintana de Zarauza

Playa de Arnau

Arnao Beach

Very fine white sand and very calm water.


You can enjoy several hiking routes: Carbayal of Salgueiras Route, Forest Route, Bobia Route, Route of Silence, Seimeira Waterfall Route

Ruta del Carbayal de Salgueiras COMARCA OSCOS-EO
Ruta del Carbayal de Salgueiras
Ruta del Silencio COMARCA OSCOS-EO